Tierra del Fuego with its endless fishing destinations, is essentially the promised land for fishermen who dream of obtaining the prize trophy trout. The best thing about this destination is that a fisherman not only has the possibility of obtaining a trout over 5 kilos, but several of these submarines brown. This well know Sebastian Mundiñano, an experienced fisherman these fueguinas lands and which works in response to fishermen from all over the world in its operation MyM FlyCast, which served personally with the help of his friend, another fisherman extensive experience in fishing these southern lands.
End of season is a propitious time to catch large trout, tells Sebastian. One of his favorite for this, Kosovo places is the lagoon. The name of this lake inevitably reminds us of the distant state of Serbia, which is not surprising, since many of the settlers in this part of Patagonia are of Yugoslav origin, Russian and Ukraine. The Kosovo lagoon is part of the watershed of the large lake Fagnano. In winter, when the waters are very high, these lakes overflow and join to form a basin room. In the summer, the lower the water level, this part of Fagnano is isolated, giving rise to the Kosovo lagoon. The conditions to fish this lake are ideal, ensuring good catch trout fishermen sizes willing to take the challenge of a fishing often complex and technical.
The Kosovo lagoon is located about 74 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia in Argentina’s province of Tierra Del Fuego. A distance that can be traveled by car in about 45 minutes, optimal weather conditions being. This lake is located on the northern shore of Lake Fagnano, which is also known as Lake Kami. In its waters you can catch brown trout and rainbow of very good sizes. Brown can reach dimensions of up to 8 kg with an overall average of 5 kilograms. In the rainbow changes not exceed 3 kilos, but in compensation to the size, these trout show very good fights and in which a fisherman will be demanded to be alert to keep one of these beautiful specimens.
Belly Boat Float Tube or is an indispensable equipment to fish this lake. These allow these waters to float silently and reach those places where the fish keep refuge in the depths of the lagoon. Ideal for fishing rod here, is a strong team number 7 and 10 feet long, or failing a reed number 6 and 9.6 feet long. Only this type of equipment ensures good way to retain the flight of extremely strong fish and those that are not easy to break. By using the recommended reeds, you can have an ideal place to have a good and fair fight with these fueguinas trout rod.
A strong leader is a greater need for these waters, which may not be less than 0x. Fluorocarbon tippet are ideal, like lines forward type weight (WF) of 175 to 300 Granis and grains. You can also use floating lines mid-afternoon, when the wind is not clear or is very low.
The flies that can be used here are varied, mainly streamers and attractors. A fly that always delivers good catches MYMFLYCAST assembly is known, a variation of the Woolly Bugger irresistible red. This year we used with great success a ready-made by our friend Pepe Borzi, a variation of the Woolly Bugger in olive green with white gums and pastes crystal tail flash pattern. A very good fly for this area and especially for this gap.
Belly floated is not the only way to fish in the lagoon Kosovo. Sebastian, confirms that we have taken very good pieces with several of his clients fishing from shore on the south bank of the pond, using two-handed rods or spey equipment.
The weather for this time of year is very cold and during the day can fall occasional snowfall, but this does not limit us to reach this destination and wet flies and try fishing for the trout dream that keeps the Kosovo lagoon. At this time it is advisable to fish in the afternoon, as during the morning frost frozen thread past reeds and pique becomes very slow or calm.
MyM FlyCast:
Sebastian Mundiñano is the representative of MyM FlyCast, attention oriented fishing operations that target the various corners that Tierra del Fuego for sport and / or recreational fishing. MyM FlyCast has as a hub city of Ushuaia in Argentina, and can be contacted at your email mymflycast@gmail.com, or by visiting their website www.mymflycast.com.ar

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