The number of rod will depend on the size of river, the conditions of each site and of course, personal tastes. It is reasonable to distinguish whether our journey will be in northern deTierra del Fuego.

In the southern fishery is thinner and the weather quite good. To fish in small streams or rivers middle, the average optimal cañas 3 extends from a floating line, a 6. In addition, the line of survival, we must add a “shooting head” or a “teen line”. Increased flow in rivers such as the Great is also advisable to bring powerful computers 7 or 8, with “shooting heads lV.

If we must choose the appropriate flies within the streamers, we can not miss “Wooly Buggers” green and black (sizes 4-10), “Rabbits, cinnamon and black (sizes 2-8),” Matukas, green and black (sizes 8-12), “Blonde”, white (size 2-6), “Cone Head Marabou Muddler, brown and white (size 2-9).
Recommend that the nymphs are Nimph Prince “(sizes 10-14),” Hare’s Ear “, natural color and black (sizes 10-16),” Soft Hakle, cinnamon and black (sizes 8-14) “Kauffman’s Stone”, Black (sizes 6-10).

In dry, the selection of “Adams” (sizes 10-16), “Air Elk Caddis, natural and black (sizes 10-16),” Red Humpy “(sizes 10-14), Blak Gnat ( sizes 12-16), “Goddard Caddis” natural (sizes 10-14), “Irresistible” (sizes 12-16).
All the flies are tested and chosen by our guides. If before your trip you would like more information about other models, simply ask.